Authentic Thai Cuisine in Hong Kong

Baan Thai has been established in Hong Kong as a place for authentic Thai cuisine.

About Us

‘Baan’ means home in the Thai language. Our restaurants are designed, decorated, furnished and serviced by of friendly staff to make you feel relaxed and comfortable as if you were at home. We offer our customers authentic tasting Thai food cooked only by Thai chefs, so customers can enjoy the real flavours of Thailand. Our casual dining theme is contemporary, yet rustic and in restaurant settings that are truly unique, yet with that warm Asian touch of hospitality.

Adding to our food selections, we have a wide range of drinks on offer. Draft and bottled beers, spirits both standard and premium, a good selection of wines from around the world and a wide range of cocktails and mocktails, some of which have a Thai theme to them!

Our dining locations are restaurants, but we also welcome customers that wish to drop by for a happy hour drink and just a couple of snacks. We are located in the heart of the Central business district, the up and coming residential area of Western district and the buzzing shopping and commercial area of Causeway Bay.

Baan Thai also offers catering menu services for home and other locations, food for junk trips and office lunch or dinner gatherings. In addition, our food is available on the food delivery Apps and via Takeaway services.

The Menu

Our menu is inspired by the flavours of Bangkok and other areas of Thailand. We serve several small plate dishes and snacks, rich curries, popular stir fries, tasty noodles, fresh seafood, delicious Thai salads and many vegetarian options. Our food is prepared and cooked with fresh herbs and spices in the right quantities so that you feel as if you are in Thailand. Baan Thai’s food is prepared for customers to a mild spice or heat standard, but customers are welcome to request spicier levels if they wish. Baan Thai’s Thai chefs are experienced to cater for both discerning Hong Kong and international taste requirements.

Cocktails and Drinks

As a casual dining restaurant group, we always like to provide our customers with a wide selection of beverages. We offer a good range of draft beers. Optional bottled beers, including Thai beers, a range of both house, medium and higher end spirits, a good selection of wines from around the world and sparkling and champagne choices. Our cocktail selections include both the popular global favourites, plus a few Thai themed cocktails which are both colourful and tasty. For those who prefer not to have alcohol, we have mocktail options and some Thai drinks such as fresh coconut and Thai iced tea.


Over the past two years, catering has become a specialty for the Baan Thai restaurants, whether we provide food for junk trips and have the dishes delivered to the pier or directly transporting to offices and homes for that company gathering or a family and friends dinner party. You can trust Baan Thai to deliver.

For our Thai food, we help you plan and suggest the right Thai dishes that are not only great for sharing with friends and colleagues, suitable for that junk party, but also the dishes that travel the best from one of our restaurants to your office, home or boat.

We provide all the neatly packaged dishes with environmentally friendly cutlery if the customer requires it and label each dish cover with the description of the food and of course we provide all the delicious accompanying sauces and dips.

Parth Sheta
Parth Sheta
Food – great taste, Service is very quick and with smile.
Liam Lian
Liam Lian
Been coming here very regularly. Always a great spot whether it is for lunch or dinner. Service is spectacular!! My only worry is that the staff will be headhunted to other restaurants.
Celeste Ngooi
Celeste Ngooi
Very friendly service
Sona Punjabi
Sona Punjabi
Lovely Atmosphere and Yummy Thai spicy food 😋

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